Saturday, August 2, 2014

My feelings on GAY MARRIAGE

  • So I'm hanging out on facebook....

    And it starts with a headline

    Conscience Vote Likely on Same Sex Marriage. 

    And a comment from my dear friend Jacinta Splinter 

    Dig deep pollies find that heart and it will lead to a conscience surely? vote wisely!

    and then a link...

    Kennedy Wednesday the world is going to shit and this is LAST on my things to give a shit about. that's my conscience.
  • Kennedy Wednesday men are already fucking married..what's the big deal?
  • Kennedy Wednesday women are just on this planet to wipe up their cum and dribble. Once they work out how to make babies out of test tubes they'll just wipe us out like Palestinians.
  • Jacinta Splinter Im not married and possibly never will but fucked if some shitebag in canberra will tell people what they can or cant do whilst taking their taxes
  • Kennedy Wednesday this whole thing is a furphy. Gay de facto couples get exactly the same rights as straight de facto couples in Auz....US is different because you have to be MARRIED TO HAVE THOSE RIGHTS so like the fucking lemmings that we are we have hooked onto the MARRIAGE bug and now every top wants a ring on his's mind control i reckon...i'm not playing.
  • Kennedy Wednesday The Royal family are only behind it because they know it's mind control and they want everyone enslaved and more taxes from married couples...Centrelink will do well and Wedding planners and Divorce laywers....that's about it.
  • Kennedy Wednesday the gays should stop listening to Kylie. I marched in all those Equality parades and all they gave me was Kylie. a poor stunted clone of a to the bluuuuuuuuuuuu ... i cannot march in this parade. it's a monumental bore.
  • Jacinta Splinter couples want to get married let em I say each to his or her own
  • Kennedy Wednesday the old fem lezos never wanted to get married. It's a patriarchal institution they didn't want a bar of it. women are cock suckers man...even if the cock is limp for them they'll suck it.
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  • Kennedy Wednesday whatever you want have my womb...take it all..asshole is the new cleavage...go for it!
  • Jacinta Splinter lol u are a cracker
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  • Kennedy Wednesday he he he..i'm on a roll...yu inspire me splinter 
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  • Kennedy Wednesday i think i'm spent now though
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  • Jacinta Splinter im eating chocolate n nearlly peeing my pants woM an u
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  • Kennedy Wednesday Bruce was the crescendo.
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  • Kennedy Wednesday body and soul baby body and soul 
  • Jacinta Splinter i thought Bruce was!
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  • Kennedy Wednesday oh bruce dumped me the prick!
  • Kennedy Wednesday because he's not an artist any more he's a FAT SUBMISSIVE housewife....true story...oh love where do i begin...
  • Kennedy Wednesday FUCK BRUCE. Every time I do some thing with my art now he gets JEALOUS...he's happy being a fat housewife until I launch my book then he remembers he's a cartoonist and they DESTROYED HIM so he has to DESTROY ME....pull the plug in some way like he's pulling a thorn...he can't bare to see my do my work because his work triggers him now because the corporate cunts who control the artists DESTROYED it and so he had to marry that fucking nerd who became the bread winner and now he talks about the neighbours and he dusts shelves.....i mean really? what dream is this....
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  • Kennedy Wednesday it's all personal.
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