Tuesday, February 2, 2016

From Terror to Ptera...

The Journey so far..

The Pteradactylman Resort.

In this episode of Disaster Diva. An All Girl's Adventure tale about 'Following your bliss in a brave new world. The Diva is invited as a Special Guest of the
Pteradactylman Resort. Somewhere in the wilds of Marrickville....

Featuring. Pteradactylman. Wednesday Kennedy. Eddie James. And the Kitchen Zebra. Also Featuring...

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Anna Karina in Jean-Luc Goddard's
Pierrot le Fou.

Episode Two at The Pteradactylman Resort
Live Lobster Girl in Ptera Dream.

Disaster Diva falls asleeep at The Pterodactylman Resort and her soul catches up with her in her sleep. Once again she is cast back to being LOBSTER GIRL as she falls from Jane Mansfield's Derriere and is chased by the Disaster Chef back to Bogan Street. Where the neighbors hack through a grey pock marked wall as she's having her breakfast.

. Live Lobster Girl in a Ptera Dream is Episode 636 in The Disaster Diva Adventure about following your bliss in a brave new world....

Music and Improvisation by Pterodactylman, Bi Polar Bear and Panda Mick.
Written by The Muse. Edited and Produced by Wednesday Kennedy.

Filmed on a secret location.
Wardrobe supplied by 'The man with the Tambourine'
Dreams - Free.
Nightmares - Pay as you go + GST.


'One of Australias most underrated talents...the world is a mashup alright 'bottom feeders'.... lobsters dissected for the rich..Wednesdays one of the most relevant truth-tellers of the times, visionary, perceptive and highly intelligent!
roobyduuby utube.

'Absolutely awesome, I love the look and sound of the scream guitar, 'it's a mash up baby, the whole world is a mash up' - so true. Great dream sequence, has a David Lynch feel to it.' Mark William Jackson

'Thankyou Mark William Jackson. Not bad for windows movie maker 2.6 right?:) it only crashed on me once....I layered it slowly, ten drafts, not too much information to spack out the software, i love Pteri's music...nap nap dreaming which is under the Jane Mansfield corridor scene is my fav. Tonight Pteri found a GIANT white stuffed Panda just out the front..like the stork delivered it....you couldn't script this stuff....it only ever happens at the Pterodactylman Resort..i could make a million movies here if i had the time...it's a dreaming space. Wednesday Kennedy.

When in Sydney we stay at The Pterodactylman Resort.
Breakfast Included. Fresh Towels every morning.

Coming Up.

*** Panda Mick Does a Tarot Reading! ***

*** DD and Pteri take a neighborhood walk! ***

**Pteri gives birth to a super sized stuffed Panda and DD and Pteri say Goodbye.**

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